Continuous Professional Development


  • CPD Policy and Communication
  • 10 hours = 10 CPD points
  • 3 core areas for CPD reporting
  • Cognitive strand – Technical Skills
  • Normative strand - Ethics


CPD Hour Requirement

Members must complete 40 -60 hours (1 hour equals 1 CPD point) of continued professional development during a two-year reporting period depending on their membership status. The following allocations will apply in respect of membership categories: 

a. Chartered Principal Executive Officer (CPEO):    

 60 CPD points per reporting period.

b. Associate Principal Executive Officer (APEO): 

50 CPD points per reporting period.

c. Registered members of Batseta:               

 40 CPD points per reporting period.


CPD Activities



  • CPD activities could be both informal and formal (Examples include, seminars, conferences, readings, workshops, skills programmes, full qualifications, short courses, self study)
  • CPD activities can be defined as “verifiable” or “self assessed”
  • There should be a blend of activities
  • A CPD planning training plan must be submitted for each year which details planned activities (Knowledge, skills, behaviors, reflective practices)
  • Dependent on membership status, members must complete 40-60 hours during a 2 year reporting cycle (1 hour equals 1 CPD point)
  • CPD Committee evaluates each application and proposes successful applications to the Board for ratification