Our Strategic Intent

We will create an open and fair environment in which our members can practice with confidence and thrive within it.


Our Manifesto


Bold in making our voice heard, we protect and champion the interests of pension funds, their trustees and principal officers to the full extent of our resources and experience


Acknowledge that members may never abdicate their fiduciary duties of skill, care, diligence and prudence and therefore we align ourselves with these principles


Transform industry practices on all levels to improve efficiency, fairness and equity


Set standards of conduct and best practice that will enable our members to display absolute integrity, competency and professionalism


Enhance the quality of education and training so that members have access to career mobility, progression and life-long learning.


Tailor services and engagements so that we promote inclusiveness and diversity amongst our members


Adhere to good governance practices through our actions, behaviours and accreditations so that we earn the respect and recognition of all our stakeholders, including employers, unions, service providers, policy makers and regulators