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Somewhere in a Limpopo valley a Bapedi chief consults with his “Batseta ”. The chief and his advisory council are hard at work debating community issues and are about to reach a breakthrough. Thanks to their combined wisdom, they have always succeeded in resolving countless issues over the years. Despite their individual opinions they have always managed to speak with a single voice. 

At the same time, elsewhere in South Africa, retirement fund chairpersons convene their own meetings or “Batsetas” to debate issues that affect the wellbeing of their members. But the retirement fund industry did not speak with a single, clear voice. There were so many different people saying so many different things that the needs of the real stakeholders – the members - were never really heard.

Then on one fine day, not so long ago, everything changed for the better and an exciting, brand-new chapter of retirement fund history began. A new organisation was established - Batseta Council of Retirement Funds for South Africa. Batseta is a professional industry body that helps retirement funds, trustees and principal officers to do their work in a professional manner – and this was history in the making.


For the first time ever in the retirement funds history of our country, a single industry body was born to achieve this. Previously, different industry bodies would serve the needs of the Principal Officer only, or the Trustees and Service Providers jointly, or certain categories of Trustees and Principal Officers. We are now united.

Leading the process was a collection of union federations Cosatu, Fedusa, Nactu and the Principal Officers Association, and these have since been joined by Business Unity South Africa and various independent industry experts. These parties now make up the Board of Directors of Batseta - Council of Retirement Funds for South Africa.

While the backgrounds of trustees and principal officers are diverse, what became loud and clear was that they all held certain values in high regard; and as a result, they wanted to uphold a culture of:

  • independence and professionalism
  • diversity and inclusiveness
  • honesty and integrity
  • putting members first

As a member we will train you and develop your skills. We will give you toolkits and best practice guidelines to help you with practical implementation of industry requirements. You have an opportunity to meet your colleagues and share experiences but, most of all, we want you to be a successful team.

Now is the best time to join Batseta. We care about your career. We care about your future. We care about you. Let’s join hands now. 

It’s easy to find us. Call us. Email us. Find us in the cloud. 

Batseta - Council of Retirement Funds for South Africa.



Our Logo Explained


The Batseta logo and design is made up of three distinct parts which we would like to explain.

Firstly there is the name. “Batseta” is a Bapedi word which means advisory council. We have chosen a name that is meaningful and that is not an acronym or an abbreviation. We want to be known as Batseta because this is more personal. It’s all about being ready to advise the members of this organisation in much the same way that trustees are there to support the members of their fund.

Secondly there is our corporate colour, which is blue. Blue is associated with prosperity. As an organisation we would like our members to be successful and to prosper. Blue is the colour of the ocean and the sky, and it represents trust, loyalty and prosperity. This is what we wish for our members.

Thirdly, there is the overall circular structure of the logo. Circles commonly represent unity, wholeness and infinity. They are often seen as protective symbols and they suggest inclusivity and togetherness. The larger circle is not closed. This is because it represents interaction and open channels of communication.

Then the smaller circles of the Batseta logo represent the board of trustees. The range of shades of the circles represents the diversity of those trustees. Diversity is important because the trustees represent members who are also very diverse. The smaller circles forming the larger circle also represent the fact that the council works together as one team.

The name “Batseta” was coined by Jabu Mngxekeza, one of the employees of Batseta.


 More about us

Batseta is a non-profit organisation that looks after the interests of Principal Officers, trustees and fund fiduciaries in the retirement industry and is managed by a Board of Directors.

 Our registered physical and postal addresses 

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 Legal messages

Please read our disclaimer, Limitation of Liability message and Privacy Statement by clicking on the "Legal Messages" tab on the bottom left-hand side of the page. This is also where you can access our Memorandum of Incorporation. You will also find copies of FSB circulars and directives.  

 Further information

For further information about the website or the Association, please do not hesitate to contact us. Send an email to info@batseta.org.za or call us on (011) 805 6340.